Erwin National Blue Ridge Pottery Club, Erwin, Tennessee 37650

High in the mountains of East Tennessee, tucked in the Valley Beautiful, lies a quiet little town called Erwin. It was the home of the Southern Potteries Company from 1917 to 1957. Here local men, women, and young girls spent hours working - molding clay and freehand painting designs called “Blue Ridge Pottery”.

This pottery, once a staple in every kitchen across America, has now become a vintage collectible and demands a variety of prices, from the inexpensive to downright pricey!

For the serious collector, the National Blue Ridge Pottery Club will hold its annual show during the local Apple Festival, October 4 and 5, 2013. It is here that you can buy, sell or get appraisals for that rare piece you many have.

During the Great Depression and the war torn 40’s, Blue Ridge Pottery brought economic stability to the East Tennessee region. It helped to feed and clothe many a man, woman and child. Today, Blue Ridge Pottery once again shines through as a beacon to those who are less fortunate through the Kiwanis Christmas ornament sale. Each year, a Blue Ridge Pottery pattern is selected, then reproduced onto an ornament. The proceeds from the sales go to help support those in need in the local community. Due to demand, for the last three years, the Kiwanis have had to double their orders, once again showing just how popular Blue Ridge Pottery collecting has become.

If you have any questions or would like to become a member of the The Erwin National Blue Ridge Pottery Club, please follow this link.




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